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Nepal - A Federal democratic republic of Nepal strategically located between China and India-two booming countries in the world. Nepal has multi-religious, multi-diverse and  multi-culture with more than 103 ethnic groups and 93 spoken languages. About 28.58 million populations within small landlocked peaceful diverse natural resources of an area covering 1, 47,181 km/Sq.

The country known by different names like “Birthplace of Buddha’’ country with world’s highest mountain “A treasure  paradise"-preserve of major four seasons, which makes easy for travelers to visit the whole year around. The living  goodness kumari, Mt. Everest, the  highest peak on earth and Lumbini-birth place of Lord Buddha are major unique treasures of Nepal. There  are four UNESCO world heritage sites in Nepal, Two  are in the cultural category and two are in the nature category. The world cultural heritage sites of Nepal Lumbini birthplace  of “light of Asia” Lord Gautam Buddha and seven monuments  within a capital city Kathmandu valley about 20 km far from each other. So many people like to called Nepal  as a country of temples. The world heritage sites comprise of three historical place Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan Durbar squares, two giant Buddhist stupas Soyambhunath on the top of the Kathmandu valley and Buddhanath which is the biggest setups of Asia and two famous Hindu temples Pashupatinath which believe to be the greatest Hindu temple in the world & ChaguNarayan  temple of old as in old historical value. The National park of  rich adornment of nature, having  around 600 species of plants, 560 mammals, 539 species of bird and 49 amphibians & reptiles with 412 Asian horned rhinoceros and some bangle tigers live in  dense forest meanwhile, Sagarmatha national parks having main attraction as the Mt Everest highest peak of the world. The park part of Himalayan ecological zone several prominent peaks above 6000m high From the sea Level. The country has managed to preserve more endangered species of flora and fauna and buffer hunting zone, including ten national parks, three wildlife reserve and one hunting reserve, six conservation areas and eleven buffer zones covering the 23.23 % area of the country. 

A Mountainous country Nepal offers a multitude of adventure options. Nepal is home to 8 of 14 Eight Thousand club's peak on earth. The beautiness as well as the richness of the Nepal is not up to the mountain the country is a nature museum of the world, home to numerous vibrant culture, traditional ethics, colorful ffeast& festivals, ancient temples and monument, diverse flora and fauna, crystal clear lakes, river, ponds, Himalayan glacier with heavenly beautiful places and friendly-kind-helpful and hard working  native resident. Nepal’s diverse topography offers a surfeit of activities to the visitors.